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If you would like information about why the project was developed and how it could benefit your school students or young people, then please contact Simon Barfoot on 01992 531471 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Young and Smokefree Project is all about empowering young people to live Smokefree lives and be ambassadors for informing, challenging and changing behaviour in the lives of those impacted by tobacco and smoking. If you have used the website and taken part in the activities it has including seeing the film clips then you may be thinking... I want to find out more, is this really true? How can tobacco companies do this? I would like to help my Mum or Dad, Brother or Sister, Grandparents to stop smoking!



Useful Links


If you or your family matter and you want to make a difference, check out some of these websites and information sources to help you in your desire to promote Smokefree living!

Wealth of information on all aspects of policy to support tobacco control.

UK to Worldwide information about health including great resources about smoking. 

European approaches to tobacco control across different states.

European to local, want to help you or your family to quit? This is the place to go.

Health and Social care data sets, useful for Stop Smoking Results and other lifestyle data.

Just type in "Smoking" into the search term and plenty of facts and figures will appear.

Add "Smoking" as search term and away you go.

The lead agency on Public Health in England, loads of info and expertise.



If you would like to develop the content and approaches which you have experienced in using the Young and Smokefree website, then please contact Create Media and Learning Ltd who can assist you with interactive themed workshops.